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Integrated intelligent logistics system in the whole life cycle

Total Productive Maintenance System

By combining IoT technology, the BlueSword intelligent IMHS-TPM equipment management system enables the equipment to realize all-around multi-dimensional perception, equipment early warningspot checkmaintenance and other equipment management throughout the equipment life cycle. It can support a stacker, shuttle car, lift, conveying system, AGV, RGV, manipulator, and other pieces of machinery. It has the benefits of data perception, intelligent diagnosis, self-learning, and fault library updating.


BlueSword Advantages


Predictive Maintenance


Based on big data and AI algorithm, combined with expert system and PHM model, fault prediction and predictive maintenance are realized.


Intelligent Diagnosis


Intelligently analyze and provide maintenance and fault diagnosis solution for equipment operation and maintenance personnel.


Knowledge Accumulation


Configure the experience of the logistics industry, driven by knowledge, build solution library, fault library, and hidden trouble library.


Multi-terminal Fusion


PC+Mobile+AR Glass multi-terminal integration, seamless cross-platform interactive experience.


Internet of Everything


Adopt a variety of standard IoT general protocols, support the connection of self-owned and external devices.

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